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Lost access to the wallet
Lost access to the wallet
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Losing access to your wallet can be a disheartening experience, but there's no need to panic. Here are step-by-step actions you can take to regain access and restore control over your assets:

1. Utilize Your Secret Phrases:

  • What to Do:

    • Retrieve the 12-24 words, your secret phrases, received during your wallet creation.

    • Enter them carefully and in the correct order.

    • Outcome:

      • Successful entry should grant you access to your wallet once again.

2. Check Your Backup:

  • Backup Options:

    • If you've enabled backups (e.g., iCloud or Google Drive), explore this option.

  • Procedure:

    • Attempt to restore your wallet from the backup.

    • Confirm that you're restoring the correct backup to prevent potential asset loss.

    • Note:

      • Restoring from an incorrect backup can result in permanent loss of assets.

      • Choose the right backup file associated with your wallet.

3. Contact Support:

  • When to Seek Assistance:

    • If the above steps prove unsuccessful.

  • Action:

    • Reach out to our support team for further assistance.

    • Share the details of your situation, and our team will guide you through potential recovery options.

    • Important Note:

      • While we aim to assist in recovery, success cannot be guaranteed in every case.

Crucial Reminders:

  • Secret Phrases and Backup Security:

    • Keep your secret phrases and backup in a secure location.

    • Never share these crucial details with anyone to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Safe Storage Practices:

    • Store your secret phrases and backup in a safe, offline location.

    • Avoid sharing this information, even with trusted individuals.

Conclusion: Losing access to your wallet can be a challenging situation, but by following these steps and maintaining vigilant security practices, you increase your chances of successful recovery. Remember to remain calm, act promptly, and keep your recovery information secure to ensure the ongoing safety of your assets.

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