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Hax Wallet stands out for its extensive support, boasting a remarkable 2.5 million+ coins and tokens. Whether you're dealing with established cryptocurrencies or exploring the latest projects, Hax Wallet ensures you have access to a vast array of tokens, even those not yet listed on major platforms.

Viewing Your Assets:

  1. Main Screen Overview:

    • Upon opening your Hax Wallet, you'll notice your holdings prominently displayed on the main screen.

    • In most cases, all your tokens are automatically added to your list for easy monitoring.

  2. Automatic Token Recognition:

    • Hax Wallet excels in recognizing and displaying your assets without requiring manual input.

    • Your holdings, including new tokens, are often added seamlessly to your list.

  3. Search and Manual Addition:

    • If you don't see a particular token in your list, fear not.

    • Click on the "+" icon within the assets window to manually search and manage your tokens.

    • Search for tokens by name or contract address to ensure accuracy.

Efficient Token Management:

  1. Avoiding Clutter:

    • To maintain a clean and organized token list, you can hide tokens with zero balances.

    • This ensures that only actively held tokens are displayed, reducing visual clutter.

  2. Anti-Scam Measures:

    • Prioritize security by employing anti-scam features.

    • Hide risky or potentially fraudulent tokens to create a safer environment for your investments.

Steps to Manage Your Token List:

  1. Accessing Token Management:

    • Click on the "+" icon in the assets window to access the token management feature.

  2. Search and Add Tokens:

    • Utilize the search function to find specific tokens by name or contract address.

    • Add the desired tokens to your list to keep a close eye on your investments.

  3. Organizing Your List:

    • Customize your token list by hiding zero balances and anti-scam measures.

    • This ensures a focused view of your assets, enhancing your overall experience.

Pro Tips for Token Management:

  • Regularly Review Your Token List:

    • Periodically review and update your token list to stay informed about your holdings.

  • Prioritize Security:

    • Keep your investments secure by hiding zero balances and potential scam tokens.

By mastering token management in Hax Wallet, you take control of your crypto portfolio, ensuring a personalized and secure experience.

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