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Hax Wallet empowers you with the flexibility to manage various blockchains seamlessly. Understanding how to navigate and choose the right chains enhances your crypto experience. In this guide, we'll delve into the essentials of blockchain management with Hax Wallet.

Choosing Your Chain:

  1. Accessing the Chain Menu:

    • Locate the chain icon at the top right corner of the Hax Wallet app.

    • Click on the icon to reveal the list of supported chains.

  2. Selecting Your Preferred Chain:

    • With Hax Wallet supporting over 65+ chains, choose the one that aligns with your crypto interests.

    • Easily customize your chain list by clicking on the "+" icon at the top right of the chain list.

  3. Customizing Your Chain List:

    • Tailor your experience by hiding or showing specific chains in your list.

    • Click on the "+" icon, and you'll find options to customize your displayed chains.

Adding EVM Chains:

  1. Explore Additional Chains:

    • If your favorite chain isn't on the default list, fear not.

    • Click on "Add EVM Chain" to explore a variety of chains available for quick addition.

  2. Quick Add or Manual Entry:

    • Discover your preferred chain swiftly through the Quick Add option.

    • For more control, manually input the details of the chain you wish to add.

Multi-Chain Functionality:

  1. Choosing Multiple Chains:

    • Click on "All Networks" to explore the option of using multiple chains simultaneously.

    • This feature enables you to work with several chains concurrently.

  2. Optimizing Load Time:

    • To ensure a fast and smooth app experience, optimize load time by selecting fewer chains.

    • Tailor your multi-chain usage based on your preferences and needs.

Tips for Efficient Wallet Management:

  • Regularly Review Your Chain List:

    • Periodically assess your list of supported chains. Add or remove as necessary to streamline your experience.

  • Explore New Chains:

    • Stay updated on the latest blockchain developments. Hax Wallet's flexibility allows you to explore and add new chains effortlessly.

  • Optimize for Performance:

    • Keep your app running smoothly by selecting a reasonable number of chains to load. This ensures efficient performance without compromising speed.

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