Importing Wallet

Already have a wallet and want to import it into Hax Wallet? Here's how:

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  1. Access Import Options:

    • Open the Hax Wallet app and navigate to the import section.

    • Choose your preferred method of import: recovery phrase, private key, or restore from iCloud.

  2. Recovery Phrase:

    • If you have a recovery phrase with 12, 18, or 24 words from another wallet, enter it into Hax Wallet.

    • Set a password and enable Face ID for added security.

  3. Private Key:

    • If you have a private key from another wallet, paste or manually enter it into Hax Wallet.

    • Choose the target blockchain or cryptocurrency.

  4. Restore from iCloud:

    • If you previously had a wallet on your phone and enabled iCloud backup on Hax Wallet, you can easily restore it.

    • Hax Wallet and Apple do not have access to your information, ensuring your privacy.

Final Tips:

  • Always use a strong and unique password for your wallet.

  • Enable additional security features like Face ID for faster and more secure access.

  • Regularly back up your wallet, especially if you make significant changes or add new assets.

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